We are a four-voice choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass), made up of people of several nationalities. We sing a wide variety of what would loosely be called classical music, ranging from medieval times to the present day. We have recently changed the emphasis of our work from Baroque and Renaissance pieces to more modern works, but we are committed to retaining the breadth of repertoire that we have always embraced. You can see an extract from our full list by clicking on the Repertoire button.

Our current Maestro (the third in our twelve-year history) is António Manuel Maria de Jesus, who has a lifetime of experience in choral work, including many years with Coral Ossónoba in Faro. Previous holders of the baton were Walter Sulzer (founder of the choir) and Francisco Brazão, well-known in the Algarve for his work with the choir of Ideas do Levante in Lagoa, and for his periodic concerts of operatic arias in the region.