Canticorum - voices for all occasions

Music is an essential element for a special occasion. It provides atmosphere - joyful or solemn - and stirs the senses even when it is only a background accompaniment. It is a wonderful thing to hear a congregation singing with enthusiasm and love - and it can be even more wonderful to enjoy a trained choir blending its voices in the intertwined melodies of a fine piece of music.

Canticorum is a chamber choir that has its roots in the Coro dos Amigos, the Amigos being the multicultural association of the Friends of the Museu de Traje in S Bras. Both the choir and Canticorum were founded by Walter Sulzer, who nurtured our love of singing and music over many years.

Canticorum has quite a few members who are trained musicians and others who have been used all their lives to singing in choirs and also solo, so the singers bring a professional attitude to the rehearsals. Most of the group can sight-read a musical score, so a new song can be learned quite quickly and they are able to spend most of the rehearsal time in working on interpretation and performance.

The result is a chamber choir capable of singing a wide range of fine, polyphonic music with spirit and delicacy, and who derive great pleasure from providing the musical element at weddings and other special ceremonies.

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Some songs from the repertoire:
  • Ave Maria, Arcadelt, latin
  • Ave Verum, W.A. Mozart, latin
  • Belle qui tiens ma vie, Arbeau, french
  • Bon jour mon coeur, Orlando di Lasso, french
  • If love's a sweet passion, Henry Purcell, english
  • If music be the food of love, Henry Purcell, english
  • In these delightful pleasant groves, Henry Purcell, english
  • Jauchzet ihr Himmel, anonymus, german
  • Jesu meine Freude, J.S. Bach, german
  • Missa di San Lorenzo, ..., latin
  • Sing we and chant it, Th. Morley, english
  • Oh sanfter süßer Hauch, Mendelssohn, german
  • and many more

A Voice:

"I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to you and all the members of the choir for your incredible contribution to our wedding day.
You were absolutely fantastic. Your incredibly beautiful voices made our wedding day extra special. So many of our guests commented on how spectacular you were. I believe my 1 year old goddaughter was particularly taken with you all!
Thank you for all your hard work throughout your summer break and especially being so flexible with our song choices!"